March 2017 Newsletter

SAVE THE DATE!!! Annual Meadows at Cherry Hills Homeowners' Assoc. Meeting
Wednesday, April 12th at 6:30 PM
Community Room at Wildwood City Hall
16860 Main St, Wildwood, MO 63040
Here are some agenda items for our upcoming meeting: 

  • Status of the Subdivision

  • Election for the Role of the Secretary

  • HOA Financial Report    

  • New Monument Project

  • Indentures & Restrictions (Top Complaints, Questions, Comments)

  • Architectural Reminder (Fences, Improvements, etc.)    

  • Suggest new ideas/projects

I am working on scheduling an update by the Wildwood Police Department at this meeting.
We encourage you to be an active resident and attend this annual meeting. Come introduce yourself to neighbors and find out information about our community! We look forward to seeing you! 



Election for the Secretary

If any member is interested in the Secretary position, please contact a board member to let us know of your interest. The position shall serve for a term of three years.

Each home is entitled to one (1) vote. The vote may be cast in person or by a person attending the annual meeting that you designate as your proxy. The home must be current with their assessment bills to be entitled to vote.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you may designate a proxy to vote on your behalf. You must return the Proxy Vote Form that was mailed to you by Monday, April 10, 2017.



2017 Assessments

Bills for the annual subdivision assessment have been mailed. The City & Village Tax Office handles all of the subdivision financial matters so please be on the lookout for mail from "City and Village". If you did not receive your assessment, please contact them at 314-739-4800.

The annual assessment bill for the 2017 year will be $173. Assessments are due by Saturday, April 1, 2017.



New Subdivision Monument Inlay To Be Installed

After the monument work is complete, we will replace the spotlight and replant the area with new landscaping.


Our front entrance will have a new look when all the work is complete!



Indenture Reminders

Copies of the indentures are always available. A copy is available on the subdivision website at
The indentures spell out important covenants and restrictions which are for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of your property and the subdivision.
Below we highlight some of the indentures that come up from time to time. This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to review the full indentures to be aware of all of them.

  1. Any new building, fences, walls, driveways, or other structure or improvements require plans and specifications to be submitted to and approved by association directors. (Section 8a)

  2. No commercial activity of any kind shall be conducted. (Section 10a.ii)

  3. No noxious or offensive activity that may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood. (Section 10a.iii)

  4. Each owner shall maintain and keep the lot in good order and repair. (Section 10a.iv)

  5. No above-ground swimming pools are allowed. No in-ground swimming pools are allowed without the prior written approval of the directors. (Section 10a.viii)

  6. Fences require approval and must meet standard and requirements. (Section 10a.ix)

  7. Overnight street parking is prohibited. (Section 10a.xiv)

  8. Trash/recycling containers cannot be stored in the front or side of the house. Containers can be placed out for collection starting the evening before collection day and stored away by sundown of the same day. (Section 10a.xv)

Your cooperation by ensuring compliance is appreciated by the association and your neighbors, and will help maintain an aesthetically pleasing community. 


Subdivision Yard Sale

Saturday, May 6th at 7:00 AM - Noon
If you have items that you want to sell, consider taking part in the subdivision-wide yard sale. More information will be emailed prior to the date.


Trash/Recycling Containers
Per the indentures, please do not leave them in front or on the side of your home. They can be stored in the backyard or in the garage.


New Subdivision Website

Our website is now back online if you haven't taken a look lately. There you will find a new revamped look that includes the indentures and additional information posted including this newsletter.

Bookmark our URL:



Thank you for your continued support of the HOA.

Best Regards,

 J. Garritano
Joe Garritano

Meadows at Cherry Hills HOA Board of Directors
Joe Garritano, President
Mandee Burt, Treasurer
Pam Schneider, Secretary

Over the next month or two, the inlay will be replaced with a new sign as you see above. It will be made of a stone that is granite like. In addition, the brick on the monument will be pressure washed and touch pointed.


As you may have noticed the evergreen bushes have been removed to allow for the brick work.

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